Managed Solutions

Telx Telecom Managed Services and Applications are focused on the needs of small to mid size businesses and supported by world-class infrastructure and technical expertise. We recognize the rapid convergence of traditional IT and telecom services and we are committed to providing our customers the most advanced capabilities while helping to free up their resources to focus on core strategic issues.

Our suite of Managed Services and Applications is evolving to provide solutions that include:
  • Hosted PBX Services
  • Application Services
  • Installation Support – PM, Vendor and Installer
  • Network Monitoring and Remote IT Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Data Storage Services
  • Cloud Computing
Telx Telecom customers are leveraging our infrastructure and technical expertise instead of building and managing themselves. These benefits include:
  • More efficient implementation of IT resources
  • Optimal productivity from employees; better use of core skill sets
  • Higher levels of network security
  • Reduced operating costs and improved ROI
  • Improved performance of systems with less downtime
  • Reduced vulnerability and business risk
  • Reduced demand on internal resources
  • Simple, cost-effective deployment


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