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Telx Telecom VOIP partners with industry leaders such as Cisco, Netgear, and Polycom to bring you the best solution for your phone service needs. Doing our best involves having the best technology possible to meet the needs of our valued customers. All data-center storage is accomplished at the top of the line facility, NAP of the Americas in Miami, Florida. Telx strives to provide the best VOIP phone service to our customers. This Online VOIP service is included in your bill, and sales inquiries and requests for services should be directed to our sales team at 1-866-969-8359. This VOIP Miami service is provided by Telx Telecom. VOIP support will ask you for your name and email address to get started, and then it is a simple matter of providing your credit information to have full service to your home computer in minutes.

This new VOIP phone service is the best VOIP phone service offered in the greater Miami area. Telecom VOIP is a new concept which involves routing voice calls over the same data network generally used for other purposes such as sending an email or sharing videos. A fast data connection ensures that call quality will remain constant and that multiple calls can be made simultaneously from the same data connection.

VOIP Miami is a popular VOIP service and can be useful to your business for keeping overhead low. This online VOIP service includes a free demo so that you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Products include Hosted PBX, sip trunking, business VOIP and fax solutions. Plans include office plans and home plans with an easy comparison tool which outlines the benefits of each.

Clients can choose from several options of phones which will run over VOIP protocols. First up is the Unifi VOIP Phone Executive, next is the Unifi VOIP Phone which offers the same service with fewer frills. Next is the Grandstream GXV3275, followed by the Polycom VVX 1500, and then the IP 6000 and 7000, which are both shaped more like office intercoms than phones. The next option is the Polycom IP 450, IP Expansion Modules, Polycom IP 550, Polycom IP 650, Cisco IP 7960, Cisco IP 7940, Cisco 504G, ATA, Cisco Router Switches and Cisco POE. Each phone has specific features differentiating it from its counterparts. Be sure to ask our support staff about special features while deciding which phone service is best for your home or office. All of these Cisco and Polycom phones are designed to enhance productivity and keep downtime to a minimum. The dynamic softkeys on these phones make them programmable to better fit your business’s changing needs.

Customer support, a VOIP dialing test, and VOIP dialing features are all available on our website under the support tab. There are incentives for channel partners and referral partners to consider our company as a viable business venture both now and in the future.

Our team is composed of Avi Vaknin who is the CEO and founder, and Carlos Dominguez who is the VOIP manager. Luis Pino acts as VOIP Technician, and Octavio Vitali operates as IT director.

Telx Telecom offers a nationwide network on which to run your business or home application of this Miami-based VOIP Phone Service. This network is made using the best of components, and our highly skilled engineers provide customers with quick response times.