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Telx Telecom - Cutting Edge Internet Phone Providers In U.S.

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PBX Hosted

Full business hosted PBX for Your business with telx Support.
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Managed Solutions

Network Monitoring, Data Storage & Recovery, Managed Servers.
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Metro Ethernet solutions for your business from 10Mbps to 1000Mbps.
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Mega Pri

Dedicated 1.5Mbps Voice T-1 for business with Cisco equipment.

Moving out of the dark ages, from 21st century onwards, video phone calls with VOIP services no longer require operator or phone bills. By the end of 2010 it was estimated that at least 44% of USA residential phones were completely replaced with Voice over IP phones. Since 2005, Telx telecom has been an industry leader in small, midsize and enterprise business phone systems.


Telx telecom provides its clients with numerous hosted PBX services & best broadband services for all of their business needs. It has been recognized, in the Unites States, as one of the most rapidly growing VOIP service providers.The various services provided by Telx Telecom are:

PBX Hosted

Telx telecom provides affordable and highly scalable hosted PBX services. PBX Hosted services are the virtual office services that help provide the facility in making calls through the internet connection.

SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocols (SIP) Trunking is an advanced technology that is expensive, flexible and is operated by providing a special type of internet connection at the company’s premises. This connection is directly linked back to the main server, thereby avoiding the use of extra exchange equipment’s.


Communication is an integral part of any size business, it also affects the growth of any company. Mega-PRI is an IP service that allows companies to have multiple phone lines on a single PRI circuit and accordingly reducing the overall cost expenses. With Mega-PRI, Telx-Telecom helps its clients operate effectively through an intelligibly designed telecom management services.


Metro Ethernet service provides its user with a high performance network. It is used to provide small and medium sized businesses with high amount of reliability and rich connectivity across the globe.

Telx Telecom believes in delivering intelligent communication solutions that help companies transform their business into companies that achieve marketplace advantages. The team of experts at Telx Telecom understands the fact that no two companies are alike. We take care of each individual demand from our client and provide them the package that fits their budget.