Voice Over IP Phone Service

Voice over IP phone is a service which enables its user to move a telephone service over a broadband connection. With the latest development in the field of technology, a customer can very easily subscribe to VOIP service and use the same broadband service for transmission of both data and voice. Businesses prefer to use this kind of telephony services as compared to the traditional one because it lessens the overall cost of calling from one geographic area to another, enlarges the flexibility and provides an easy integration among all the internet services.

Telx telecom provides its clients with an easy transition from their traditional old phone services to internet phone service systems. With Telx telecom businesses see a reduction in their phone bills; we provide them with a crystal clear reliability and quality.

Telx telecom offers unique Voice over IP phone services according to the plan and affordability. Some of the common services included in all the plans are listed below:
  • Enhanced Voicemails: communication is a vital component of both small and medium sized businesses. There is always a possibility of an important call getting missed. In such a situation VOIP provides its clients with enhanced voicemail services to manage their business calls with a touch of professionalism.
  • Call Recording: Voice Over IP phone provides its user to have details regarding the calls, along with a facility to record them. Other then call recording it also provides its user to have other features such as call hunts, caller ID, call forwarding and many more.
Voice over IP Service
All these services are included in all types of VOIP services plans whether it be computer based, residential based, mobile based or business based VOIP services.
Voice over IP Service
  • Computer based VOIP services: Computer based VOIP services are most popular among the different types of VOIP services. Utilization of this type of service is nearly free in all the cases and only requires a simple process, which is VOIP software installation. The call made utilizing this type of service is free and unlimited especially if both parties are using the same type of VOIP service.
  • Residential/office VOIP Services: This type of service is beneficial for residential purpose or for small businesses. It involves replacement of the existing phone line at the office or home by plugging ATA adapter to the main line. The main benefit of using this service is that it can be used without PC.
  • Mobile VOIP services: Today more and more people prefer mobile telephony. The main factor that is hindering the computer and Office based VOIP services is the overall expenses as both the services are almost wired. At this point mobile VOIP service proves to be quite helpful. It facilitates its users to make free call by using the wireless internet connection.
  • Business VOIP services & solution: Business VOIP solution consists of software solutions that have been tailored keeping in mind small and midsize companies. This package provides its user with high connectivity, reliability and quality.

For the last eight years, Telx telecom is among those IP phone service providers who are steadily growing and offering credible services over an incredible price.