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Are you trying to find a reputable telephone service company in the area? Are you trying to find a provider that can cater to any and all of your telecom VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) requests? If you are, you no longer have to waste time browsing nearby phone companies. That’s because Telx Telecom is among the finest VOIP companies around. Great phone service providers are hard to come across in this day and age. That’s the reason we’re such a gem. If you’re interested in VOIP phone service providers that provide customers with five-star professional assistance, then we fit that description to a T.


To Be The Primary Choice Of Small & Medium Sized Enterprise Customers In Our Chosen Markets For Managed Services And IP Based Telephony Solutions.


  • To earn our customers’ business through best in class solutions at affordable costs while maintaining world class support.
  • To always deliver what we promise to our customers, employees, partners, and communities.
  • To be accessible 24 hours a day, while stressing the need to be easy to do business with


  • Founded in 2005, Telx Telecom provides IP phone service and Managed Services to thousands of small- to mid-size concerns.
  • Telx Telecom is a privately held, profitable organization with approximately 25 employees.
  • Next generation network infrastructure which include Cisco, Hosted PBX services, Polycom, Lucent, and Acme equipment.
  • One of only a select few VoIP Phone Companies worldwide to earn Cisco Powered Network status
  • Our Telecom Company uses a fully integrated, proprietary OSS platform provides consistency and scalability in all aspects of your business.
  • Since 2005, Telx Telecom has grown VoIP and IP related revenue more than tenfold (that’s 1,000%).
  • Private IP network connects to its disaster proof POP at the NAP of the Americas.
  • We go over every inch of our network to ensure the highest reliability rating available (99.999% uptime).

Reasons to Select Telx Telecom Today

We’re a tried and tested phone service provider that offers managed services assistance that’s top of the line. We’re headquartered in vibrant Miami, Florida and because of that cater to customers located all throughout the area. We extend our services to countless American businesses. We expand more and more by the day, too. We present our customer base with superb choices in managed, data and voice specialties of all varieties. We accommodate businesses that are in all different sections of the United States. Some of our clients are up-and-coming businesses. Others are bigger ones that already have established rock-solid followings. Our network is contemporary, advanced and efficient to the max. We respond to business requirements regardless of their specific sizes.

A Phone Service Provider That Offers A+ Customer Service

We’re a VoIP phone service provider that gives all of our customers the guarantee of A+ service no matter what. We’re on hand around the clock to tend to our customers’ questions and requests. If you’re on the lookout for a dependable Miami phone company, you can put all of your confidence in our 24-hour business. Our support representatives are among the most patient, effective, skilled and experienced professionals you can imagine. They offer all of our customers details and instructions that are thorough, accurate and solid time and time again.

Telx Telecom: An Unstoppable Telecom VOIP Force

Telx Telecom was established back in 2005. We’re a private firm that’s equipped with about 25 team members at the moment. Our network is expansive and is composed of highly regarded names such as Polycom, Acme Equipment, Lucent and Cisco. We’re classified as being a Cisco Powered Network business. There aren’t many other VoIP telecom firms around the planet that can claim the exact same thing. Our IP (Internet Protocol) network is private and works in conjunction with a POP (Point of Presence) that’s essentially immune to difficulties.

Reach Out to Our Prominent VoIP Company Without Hesitation

If you’re trying to work with a telephone VOIP Service Providers that’s genuinely worth it, Telx Telecom is most likely a strong fit for you. Call our accommodating and courteous staff as soon as you can for more details that relate to our managed services and more. Our attentive representatives are ready to answer any questions you may have for them.