Business VoIP

In today’s extremely competitive market, businesses are striving for services that can help them reduce their overall expenses. Small size businesses cannot afford to have large amount of bills from their PBX phone hardware and broadband internet services. With an advancement and increase in the use of the internet, companies prefer to have a communication system that can be operated using internet protocols. Internet Systems that provide this kind of function is termed voice over internet protocols (VOIP) services.

VOIP services are more commonly termed as internet telephony, which can be used to make long distance calls over internet with difference being, that they are highly affordable. VOIP has a lot of advantages over a traditional phone call system. The primary reason for which small and mid-size businesses are more massively turning to VOIP services is because of cost effectiveness.

Business internet phone service not only bring down the phone bills but also have other features that can be utilized for the benefit of the organization.
Some of the main features are:
  • Integration of systems: VOIP provides with a unique feature that allows the VOIP phone system to be integrated with several other operations. VOIP telephone system can be integrated with Microsoft outlook, instant messaging and many more. By having this kind integration of VOIP phone system the organization can sustain a high degree of productivity.
  • Increasing range of accessibility: IP phone can be accessed from anywhere round the globe just by fulfilling a simple requirement of an internet connection. This is a very helpful feature that can be brought into use at the time of the conference or meeting that involves remotely placed employees. Such features help provide good appearance for an organization.
  • Find me follow me functionality: This feature allows the different phone systems having a single number to ring in succession or simultaneously. This helps in customizing the business and avoiding the possibility of missing an important call. In other words, even if the employee is not in the office he can receive the call anywhere.
  • Provides full PBX features: VOIP also covers all the common PBX features such as providing free calls between VOIP users, no setup expenses of the extra PBX line, hunt groups and voicemail features and also covering voicemail to email functionality.

Our business hosted PBX services will surely help small & mid-sized businesses improve the quality of their communications.