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Prominent Features Of VoIP Business Phone

Prominent Features Of VoIP Business Phone

Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, has completely transformed the way businesses used to communicate. There are added features of business VoIP phone service giving you access to various features helpful in business communication. Using VoIP is more reliable and flexible than taking calls on traditional phone systems.

Here are some features and benefits of VoIP business phones which have contributed in making the communication process smooth.


The best thing about VoIP business phone is that they have reduced the phone bill substantially. In the traditional phone systems, companies used to pay for every second spent on the phone. Charging per minute or per second made the bills of companies adding a lot to the total costs. Moreover, for making international or long distance, customers had to pay awfully. Top VoIP services have completely changed the communication system of companies, as it uses the Internet as a telephone line, so calling nearby or in other country costs the same. Companies have broadband access, and pay a fixed amount of money for access, meaning they can use data on a fixed rate.

Conference Calls

In traditional phone systems, only two people could speak and there were no options to merge the call. However, business VoIP has changed the scenario completely where the whole team could be connected on video or voice conference calls to discuss a project in real-time. Due to the usage of data compression for transmission in VOIP, it is only possible through the internet to handle more data than the traditional phone system. The ability to handle more calls on a single access line streamlines the communication process and companies save lots of money due to this efficient system.

Easy Installation

Phone systems Miami have complicated equipment with comprehensive installation procedure whereas VoIP needs an Internet connection, phone equipment, and/or headphones with a sound card and can be easily installed without any experts help.

The best thing about VoIP business phone systems is that they come with many features included at a low cost. Using business VoIP phone, employees can call clients across the globe using their account, and generally, these business phones keep a detailed record of the forward calls from your particular business phone. In addition to this, employees can connect their cell phone easily to it for being connected to the office without being physically present there. Caller ID, voicemail, and usage of virtual numbers are amongst the few added features of the VoIP business phones.