July 19, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Hosted PBX Services Beyond the Operational Capabilities and Improvements

Telx Telecom PBX is a state of the art Hosted VoIP PBX solution which eliminates the need for legacy PBX and Key Systems. The hosted PBX solution of the voice over ip phone service is a network managed voice solution that offers exceptional benefits including increased productivity, geographic flexibility, dramatically improved economics, real-time disaster backup/recovery, and reduced technology risk. Businesses of all sizes have tremendously benefited from Telx Telecom hosted PBX services offering revolutionizing phone solutions with modernized communications backdrop. It enables businesses to offer their vendors and customers a much streamlined interaction process which not only...
July 17, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Voice Communication Solutions for Global Businesses

There are so many internet phone providers to choose from but most businesses are looking to secure the most reliable systems. When problems occur and there is a breakdown in internet phone services, this can cause loss of business and embarrassment. That is why so many businesses choose Telx Telecom for their reliability and fast service and voice communication solutions. Telx Telecom, a provider of voice communication services since 2005 and a leading internet phone service provider, announces affordable solutions for businesses requiring the most advanced VoIP. The company has a secure data center facility in Miami called the Miami Data Vault, which houses servers and provides top...