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Hosted PBX Saves Lives

Hospitals are busy places, having to simultaneously cater to multiple demands. People often call a hospital for different reasons: to request an ambulance, emergency needs/consult, check-up reports, scheduling appointments, advice, and many other reasons. Doctors serve their patients 24×7.

When most people are in an emergency situation, their first instinct is to call the hospital. If hospitals are getting overwhelmed with calls while on a traditional switchboard system, then people that need immediate attention will have to wait, potentially causing an unpleasant scenario.

Hosted PBX allows for a seamless flow of communication. The system is setup and maintained by the service provider, and requires no additional hardware other than the phone. The system can be connected with the traditional PSTN phones or the VoIP phones and cheap calling rates can be provided if you choose to have VoIP services.

Benefits of VoIP in Hospitals and Clinics

  • IT hassles surrounding phone installation and maintenance are eliminated
  • Phone extensions can be added and uninstalled easily meaning that you only pay for what you use.
  • Calls can be forwarded to cell phones or personal lines if main line is not available.
  • Internal calling is free and staff can use it to stay connected.
  • The “Interactive Voice Response” feature enables the users to choose from the menu provided and select the respective department they need to speak with.
  • Increasingly, hospitals that have VoIP systems are seen as more efficient and better equipped to facilitate patient needs. Being state-of-the-art is essential to remain competitive.


Benefits of Hosted PBX for Patients

  • Only one phone number is needed to access the myriad doctors and healthcare professionals that a patient may need. The patient does not have to memorize multiple lines to call.
  • In an emergency, patients can utilize the “Interactive Voice Response” (IVR), where they can ask for emergency or ambulatory services.
  • In cases such as pregnancy, doctors can be more accessible for questions such as side-effects of certain medicines, precautions, or any other question as VoIP permits faster and more specific access.


Hosted PBX, therefore, is the best choice for busy hospitals juggling multiple demands. Doctors can easily stay connected to staff, and patients have unrivaled access to their healthcare professionals.