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Online video chat the latest in customer service trends

More companies will launch online video chat as a customer service platform by 2018. Businesses know that happy customers translate into successful, repeat business.  The eventual integration of online video chat as a frequent service platform will make customer satisfaction levels increase, and businesses that implement them now will stand to benefit the most.

Unlike other customer service platforms such as phone, online chat, social media, and email, online video chat is highly personal and interactive. This in and of itself will create a greater sense of professionalism and efficiency within a conversation.

This is not to say that less visual modes of communication are less effective, it’s just that the certain businesses can benefit more from visual chat, such as when a visual demonstration is required – like assembling furniture or fixing malfunctioning electronic equipment.

Although not all customers will opt for a visual chat, providing the option is definitely going the extra mile. Having a video option also expands the customers’ options and increases their confidence in your capacity to assist.

Some companies do not want to adopt video-based communications – sometimes their call centers are not adequate enough or they do not wish to train their staff to handle video-based support.

With the widespread availability of social media platforms, some companies question the implementation of video chat services. Why spend extra money hiring and training staff for video customer service, when a team member can simply log on to Facebook and resolve complaint tickets for free?

Although a competitive differentiator for business, many companies are reluctant to adopt expensive customer service technology – despite obvious advantages when competing for business. Small and medium sized businesses may have limited resources and may resist new changes. Nevertheless, exploring video chat’s potential can enhance customers’ experience, and, prove invaluable over time.

As with many advances in communications technology, we won’t be surprised if online video chat becomes the new standard in unified communications and other VoIP services get left behind. Do you want to explore the many options of your existing VoIP systems for your business? Call us for advice today.