December 18, 2014 Posted By : Telx Telecom

What is Voice over Internet Protocol?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology for communicating using “Internet protocol” instead of traditional analog systems. Some VoIP phone services need only a regular phone connection, while others allow telephone calls to be made using an Internet connection instead. Some VoIP services may only allow calls to be made to other people using the same service, but others may allow calls to be made to any telephone number—including local, long distance, wireless, and international numbers. (more…)
December 10, 2014 Posted By : Telx Telecom

How to Choose Your Company’s Hold Music

Since hold music first came around in 1962, when a loose wire started transmitting radio signals into the dead air between call transfers, it has been a staple of American business. Getting put on hold is inevitable. Customer frustration, however, can be mitigated with carefully choosen recorded messages, trivia, and of course, music. (more…)
November 20, 2014 Posted By : Telx Telecom

Polycom Soundpoint IP 550 VoIP Phone Review

The Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 is a four-line SIP desktop phone. We scoured the web for reviews on the SoundPoint IP 550, and here is what we found: The Polycom 550 is one of the best phones sitting in our labs. It delivers the best in handset and speakerphone voice quality, a customizable XTHML interface, a glossy 320x160 backlit LCD screen, and more features than we can cover. Read More: Is, and will continue to be for years to come, the platinum standard for desktop phones Read More: Perhaps the bread and butter of it IP phone...
October 9, 2014 Posted By : Telx Telecom

Real Estate VoIP Phone Service

Communication is key in business, and especially Real Estate. When shopping for Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones services, it is important to consider the unique needs of your business. The real estate workforce is mobile by nature and necessity. These days, a buyer is most likely to work with the agent that they deem “most responsive.” Current market pressures demand that realtors, agents and employees be efficient and connected, even on the road. A system that unifies your business communication (phone, fax, Internet, and data) is a necessity rather than a luxury.   Problem: You need to be two places at once. Someone needs to answer phones at the office, but you...
September 15, 2014 Posted By : Telx Telecom

Top 3 benefits of High Speed Internet for Businesses

Faster Page Load Time - No matter from which device you use the Internet, waiting for pages to load is an annoyance. As many people enjoy browsing the Internet with many tabs open, without a high speed connection this becomes an issue. With high speed Internet, pages will load at a faster than average speed and will require less page reloading. If you invest in high speed Internet, you can have many pages open at one time, even with video and photos present on each page. Uninterrupted Streaming - Today, most people like to stream television shows, movies, slideshows and music. More people are investing in high speed Internet, and with good reason. With a high speed Internet...
January 8, 2014 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Metro Ethernet: Internet for the Future Business

As the internet marches forward, one thing is constant: the increased need for bandwidth. Consumer video reaches higher resolutions (pixel counts) every year, and the world relentlessly shares it. Music, games, websites, images, everything is becoming higher-fidelity, and this includes business communication, data transfers, and files. TelX Telecom, a VOIP service provider in South Florida, announced today that their new suite of metro ethernet systems is available for business installment immediately. Metro Ethernet is a centralized ethernet (internet) cable system that can connect different offices together, forming an internal business network, as well as connect that business to the...
January 2, 2014 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Miami IP Phone Service Provider Now Improving Online Business

To remain competitive in business, every executive knows the importance of reliable internet service with lightening fast download capabilities. To help businesses maintain their competitive edge, Telx Telecom now provides Metropolitan-area Ethernet (Meto Ethernet) services! Both small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations alike are dependent upon the speed and availability of information. Sizable documents, large image files, and massive amounts of coding can slow down computer systems; increasing wait time and potentially preventing specific contents from displaying. Fortunately, Telx Telcom's Metro Ethernet service can support high-speed data, internet, and voice over IP needs. Metro...
December 27, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Call Dialing Features Add Function and Control to Company Phones

A business phone system is absolutely essential to businesses that are both growing and those that already have an established, large presence. Yet these systems often range in quality and functionality—and can be inflexible and buggy. Today, Telx Telecom, a Miami-based IP phone service provider, announced new features for its PBX systems. The first feature is Call Forwarding—a way to redirect calls to another number. The system can automatically forward calls when the phone is busy, when there’s no answer, or forward unconditionally, which lets users forward every call to an alternate number/extension regardless of the phone’s status or the availability of the phone’s...
December 20, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Miami Internet Phone Service Provider Offers Better Advantages Through Online Network

Telx Telecom, Miami's prime business internet phone service provider, has announced today bigger advantages to clients through Hosted IP phone network system. As of today, Telx Telecom has successfully helped thousands of clients minimize expenses, increases profits, and provide more opportunities for growth through their internet-driven, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) network. PBX is a hosted Voice Internet Protocol (VoIP) network, managed by Telx Telecom, for businesses in need of multiple phone lines to efficiently conduct business. Before IP hosting networks were available, PBX networks required more equipment which was costly and harder to manage. When additional phone lines were ...
December 13, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Fax-to-Email Service: Making an Old Technology Modern Again

Although fax machines have been around for a long time (modern machines as we know them have been in operation since the 1960s), they have been outmoded by e-mail, which has all the capabilities of fax transmission, but at a lower energy, time, and resource cost. However, before e-mail and internet networking technology developed to be able to carry large documents and images, much of business-to-business communication was done via fax machines, which would make a digital image of any document and send it via telephone lines, without requiring an internet connection. As a result, many companies, especially larger ones, still have elaborate and widespread networks of fax machines (especially ...