June 3, 2015 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Hosted PBX Saves Lives

Hospitals are busy places, having to simultaneously cater to multiple demands. People often call a hospital for different reasons: to request an ambulance, emergency needs/consult, check-up reports, scheduling appointments, advice, and many other reasons. Doctors serve their patients 24x7. When most people are in an emergency situation, their first instinct is to call the hospital. If hospitals are getting overwhelmed with calls while on a traditional switchboard system, then people that need immediate attention will have to wait, potentially causing an unpleasant scenario. (more…)
January 8, 2014 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Metro Ethernet: Internet for the Future Business

As the internet marches forward, one thing is constant: the increased need for bandwidth. Consumer video reaches higher resolutions (pixel counts) every year, and the world relentlessly shares it. Music, games, websites, images, everything is becoming higher-fidelity, and this includes business communication, data transfers, and files. TelX Telecom, a VOIP service provider in South Florida, announced today that their new suite of metro ethernet systems is available for business installment immediately. Metro Ethernet is a centralized ethernet (internet) cable system that can connect different offices together, forming an internal business network, as well as connect that business to the...
January 2, 2014 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Miami IP Phone Service Provider Now Improving Online Business

To remain competitive in business, every executive knows the importance of reliable internet service with lightening fast download capabilities. To help businesses maintain their competitive edge, Telx Telecom now provides Metropolitan-area Ethernet (Meto Ethernet) services! Both small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations alike are dependent upon the speed and availability of information. Sizable documents, large image files, and massive amounts of coding can slow down computer systems; increasing wait time and potentially preventing specific contents from displaying. Fortunately, Telx Telcom's Metro Ethernet service can support high-speed data, internet, and voice over IP needs. Metro...
December 13, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Fax-to-Email Service: Making an Old Technology Modern Again

Although fax machines have been around for a long time (modern machines as we know them have been in operation since the 1960s), they have been outmoded by e-mail, which has all the capabilities of fax transmission, but at a lower energy, time, and resource cost. However, before e-mail and internet networking technology developed to be able to carry large documents and images, much of business-to-business communication was done via fax machines, which would make a digital image of any document and send it via telephone lines, without requiring an internet connection. As a result, many companies, especially larger ones, still have elaborate and widespread networks of fax machines (especially ...
November 21, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Miami-Based Telephone & PBX Host Introduces Internet Phone Service

Telx Telecom, a popular and established VOIP service providerĀ in Miami, Florida, today announced that it will now be providing a new product to its SMB (small to medium business) customers: Internet phone service, which allows businesses to call anyone, including traditional phones or cell phones; using Internet-based networks. This will allow organizations and individuals to communicate quickly and clearly at a much lower cost, and with a variety of tools from computers to traditional telephones. Over 100 years ago, Bell laid down the foundation of modern phone service using analog cables buried in the ground. In a few decades, they had spread the ability to communicate via telephone...
September 12, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Dialing Features to Allow More Call Control

With so much business these days being conducted over the phone, businesses really need their phone systems to be highly functional systems with many features, giving employees the most efficient ways of conducting telecommunications. Employees need to be able to forward call to voice mail inboxes, mobile phones, and other Internet phone systems. Contact numbers and call logs need to be stored and be easy to access. And with so much business being conducted on the move, businesses need the option of having a phone system that can virtually travel with them. They need complex call forwarding features that allow them to quickly and efficiently redirect calls, in order to ensure that every...
August 23, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Metro Ethernet Solutions Are Best For Businesses

In the past, businesses have often had a hard time keeping up with phone bills, especially if a high proportion of new business is generated by cold calls made by a sales team. When every phone call could potentially lead to a new customer, it does not make any sense for business owners to limit their employees to making a certain amount of phone calls in a specific amount of time due to cost restrictions. Yet the cost of those phone calls adds up, and has to be accounted for by the new business that is generated. It is therefore always advisable for businesses in this position to use Internet phone service providers so that calls can be unlimited. The concept of making phone calls in this...
August 15, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

PBX Systems Are The Future Phones

Running any business is a costly enterprise. Whether the business is large or small, there will always be a juggle between income and expenditure. Most businesses are constantly looking for cost savings at the same time as looking to expand their customer base. But this is a difficult balance to get right. Businesses often find this balance a tricky juggling act because the very process of trying to find new customers incurs costs. In the process of building new business customers, there are advertising costs, and sometimes the cost of producing samples, or giving away free offers of service. The process also often requires many phone calls to be made, and these can be expensive, especially ...
August 9, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Phones Are Computers; Computers Are Phones

Anyone who has ever used a smart phone in recent times knows that it can feel more like using a computer than a phone. There was a time when a mobile phone was simply a device with which to make a call from a remote location. Over time, as mobile phones became more sophisticated and popular, they were installed with memories that could retain extensive lists of contact numbers. Next came text messaging. As text messaging became an increasingly popular method of communicating, phones became small machines with which people could write instant messages to each other, as well as retaining their original function as telephones. In what feels like a very short space of time, today's phones have...
July 31, 2013 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Internet Phones Services Revolutionize Business

Gone are the days when long-distance and international calling charges need to show up as big entries on a company's balance sheet. The fact is that the world is doing more international business than ever, and small businesses are thriving in cyberspace. Thus, the need to make phone calls in the traditional way, from a fixed line in an office, has diminished dramatically. Internet phone services can now be used for making voice calls and video conferencing, and the general quality of these services has been steadily improving. Many businesses have experienced the spiraling costs of long-distance and international calls while they try to build their global customer base. To have those costs ...