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Internet Phones Services Revolutionize Business

Gone are the days when long-distance and international calling charges need to show up as big entries on a company’s balance sheet. The fact is that the world is doing more international business than ever, and small businesses are thriving in cyberspace. Thus, the need to make phone calls in the traditional way, from a fixed line in an office, has diminished dramatically. Internet phone services can now be used for making voice calls and video conferencing, and the general quality of these services has been steadily improving. Many businesses have experienced the spiraling costs of long-distance and international calls while they try to build their global customer base. To have those costs virtually wiped out not only saves them money, but it also gives them the freedom to expand their telephone business without limitation. With an internet phone service provider, long-distance and international calling costs become negligible.

Telx Telecom, a leading provider of business internet phone service in Miami, announces their new, most affordable solution for businesses with low calling costs – a hosted IP PBX. Aside from reducing costs, a hosted IP PBX also gives business owners total freedom of movement. To their customers who have caller ID, every call will appear to come from a fixed line, in an office in a fixed local location. In reality, the phone call could have been made from any location, anywhere in the world. With this flexibility comes even more efficiency and further cost savings, because business can be conducted seamlessly while traveling and carrying out other commitments. Many businesses are discovering the benefits of hosted PBX services, including the huge reduction in calling charges. And because Telx Telecom guarantees that its service is up 99.9% of the time, businesses know that they can rely on their PBX. Dropped calls can cause inconvenience and embarrassment so there is no substituting the peace of mind that comes from knowing that calls are going to be conducted smoothly, without interruption. Telx Telecom technicians are always available to assist PBX users in getting the most out of their system.

The way business is conducted has changed in recent years, and is continuing to change. Many people conduct their entire business communication through emails and online payment systems. The need for voice communication is not even always necessary, which makes it even more cost-effective for companies to use an internet phone system instead of a fixed line. Some companies do not even need to have fixed premises anymore. If a service can be provided online, there is little need for fixed space or a fixed location other than a mailing address to have a business registered at. Many people conduct their business remotely these days, and this seems to be a growing trend.

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