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Metro Ethernet Solutions Are Best For Businesses

In the past, businesses have often had a hard time keeping up with phone bills, especially if a high proportion of new business is generated by cold calls made by a sales team. When every phone call could potentially lead to a new customer, it does not make any sense for business owners to limit their employees to making a certain amount of phone calls in a specific amount of time due to cost restrictions. Yet the cost of those phone calls adds up, and has to be accounted for by the new business that is generated. It is therefore always advisable for businesses in this position to use Internet phone service providers so that calls can be unlimited. The concept of making phone calls in this manner is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more companies these days are choosing to use Internet phones. With dedicated phone numbers that actually use the company Internet service rather than phone lines, sales people can make an unlimited number of calls. The company will only ever pay a fixed fee for the dedicated numbers, and will not get lengthy phone bills that itemize every call, calculating charges for every minute used. The only possible hindrance to having this service is bandwidth restrictions. Maximum bandwidth is preferable for Internet phone calls.

Telx Telecom, a company specializing in telecommunications in Miami, announces new metro ethernet solutions for businesses that are interested in business hosted PBX. Metro-E is a comprehensive suite of ethernet services designed to increase bandwidth with scalability to 1000mbps. Telx Telecom can offer companies lower operating costs and an exceptionally high level of service. Telx Telecom technicians are monitoring servers around the clock, and will fix problems before they even occur. This means no more embarrassing dropped calls, which makes a business hosted PBX even more reliable than cell phones. Cell phones rely on network coverage, while Internet phone numbers are run on a company bandwidth, through its dedicated servers. Telx Telecom guarantees that the service will be up 99.9% of the time. Telx Telecom experts in VoIP hosted PBX are always contactable and available to assist clients. The service also allows employees to work remotely, including from home. As long as they have reliable, secure Internet connection, they can use the company dedicated phone numbers to make their calls. This could also save the company money because having employees work from home has related cost savings. Telx Telecom offers top of the range equipment to clients. Internet phones by Polycom and Cisco look just like regular phones, even though they use the Internet connection rather than phone lines to make calls. This makes the phones user-friendly for employees who might find it difficult to comprehend the concept of making phone calls over the Internet.