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How To Receive A Fax Without A Fax Machine

When most senior managers and company owners were children, the idea of doing business entirely in cyberspace was almost a notion that belonged in the world of science fiction. In only a very short space of time, the world has moved forward so fast that many people find it hard to keep up with modern technological developments. The fax machine revolutionized the business world towards the end of the last century, with businesses thriving from the efficiency of being able to send documentation instantly via fax. However, with the explosion of email, the fax machine is fast becoming obsolete. New businesses these days rarely even think about getting a fax machine or a dedicated fax number. If documents must be sent instantaneously, they are simply scanned to a hard drive and sent via email, usually as PDF files. But some companies still don,t have scanning machines and will request that they send a document via fax. How does a company without a fax machine receive a fax? Businesses that are using internet phone providers may find that there is a simple answer.

Telx Telecom, a company specializing in hosted PBX services, announces a new solution that enables companies to receive faxes electronically without requiring a dedicated fax machine. With a dedicated fax number from Telx Telecom, a company can receive a document from any fax machine. When the fax is transmitted by the sender to the receivers dedicated fax¬Ě number, it is automatically turned into an electronic file, and instead of a piece of paper coming out of the receivers fax machine, a PDF file arrives in their email inbox. This is just one of the advantages of having a voice over IP phone service. Indeed, this solution is even more preferable than a static fax machine, since the number is attached to a personal email and can therefore be picked up anywhere. It is like having a mobile fax machine! Companies investing in hosted VoIP are discovering that they have more flexibility than ever as to where they conduct their business. Some companies, as long as they do not need storage space for product inventory, are even giving up large office spaces, making huge savings on rental charges. With dedicated phone numbers that can make and answer calls from any computer or phone connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world, there is hardly any need for traditional fixed lines. Many people prefer to work from home, and employees who travel extensively to conduct sales appointments do not necessarily need assigned office space. The modern business world has become a truly mobile world. Telx Telecom has all the telecommunication packages to serve the most advanced requirements of modern, mobile businesses.

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