November 11, 2015 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Top 10 Best Conference call Bluetooth Speakers

Conference Call Bluetooth Speakers can benefit you on many different levels: they are both portable and versatile: you can use them for either conference calls or listening to music. Here are the top 10 best Conference Call Bluetooth Speakers in 2015: (more…)
October 22, 2015 Posted By : Avi Vaknin

Review of the Polycom SoundStation IP5000 Conference Phone.

The latest Polycom is introducing the SoundStation IP5000 conference phone at VoiceCon East in Orlando. It has remarkably clear conference rooms and executive offices. There are some features on the device, such as Polycom HD voice technology, broad SIP interoperability and a modern design. (more…)
September 10, 2015 Posted By : Telx Telecom

How Video Collaboration Is Building Smarter Workforces

We live in a mobile, social, global world and it shows in the way business gets done.  Workers are increasingly on the go and embracing the flexibility of mobile communications to balance the demands of the office in the most efficient and productive way possible. Companies that provide the best collaboration capabilities, suitable for conducting business with anyone, anywhere, will stand out among the others and gain a competitive advantage. Video conferencing is evolving rapidly—how it's used, where it's used, by whom and for what—and its use as an enterprise productivity tool is also growing rapidly. If you had any doubts, consider that the majority desktop and mobile devices...
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Top 6 Best VoIP Phones for Business

Before buying a business phone system, there are a few things that are important to figure out related to VoIP Phones for Business: What kind of phone system do you need? Does your office need physical telephones or will a virtual phone service suffice? If your business needs actual phones, what kind of service do you want? You will need to choose between a traditional landline telephone service or a system that runs over the internet (Voice over Internet Protocol) If you select VoIP, do you want a self-hosted (at your office) or cloud-based (managed offsite). Which is the best phone system for me? Here is our overview of the very Best VoIP Phones for Business available in...
July 29, 2015 Posted By : Liam Beliveau

Skype for Business Communication

Running a business means that you are constantly looking for ways to reduce expenditures and maximize profit. How can you stay ahead of the competition? Is Skype for Business the Solution? (more…)
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Bluetooth Enabled Technology

Bluetooth has been around for about 15 years. Named after Denmark’s King Harald “Bluetooth” Blatand, who reigned in the 10th Century AD, it is a technology that is rapidly gaining in importance, connecting devices and simplifying everyday tasks; from hands-free calling, to streaming live music, Bluetooth will soon be in nearly every device. (more…)
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5 Top Ways SIP Trunking
Improves Productivity

Telecommunications is evolving, with new technologies increasing efficiency and reducing capital expenditure. One of these new developments is in SIP trunking. SIP Trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) by which Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) deliver telephone services and unified communications to customers equipped with SIP-based private branch exchange (IP-PBX) and Unified Communications facilities. For larger companies with multiple locations, centralized SIP Trunking designs can result in a reduction of spending for trunks and a decrease in spending, according to Gartner....
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Internet Phone Service for Small & MidSize Businesses in Miami

Initially, one of the major concerns in the deployment of an Internet phone service was the reliability and predictability of the call’s quality. VoIP was found to work perfectly on Local Area Networks (LAN) when all the phones, software or physical, shared the same wire and had little or no competition for bandwidth. However when making long distance calls across a Wide Area Network (WAN) things became far more unpredictable. Just like data applications running Client/Server models that required timely responses, VoIP was finding that IP’s inherent strength, its inbuilt robustness and error detection and correction techniques, made it ironically unsuitable for voice. IP would have to...
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Hosted PBX Saves Lives

Hospitals are busy places, having to simultaneously cater to multiple demands. People often call a hospital for different reasons: to request an ambulance, emergency needs/consult, check-up reports, scheduling appointments, advice, and many other reasons. Doctors serve their patients 24x7. When most people are in an emergency situation, their first instinct is to call the hospital. If hospitals are getting overwhelmed with calls while on a traditional switchboard system, then people that need immediate attention will have to wait, potentially causing an unpleasant scenario. (more…)
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What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking is a VoIP service that uses session initiation protocol (SIP), the switching technology used in VoIP telephone systems, to allow users to initiate and receive communications and services between connected facilities, as long as there is a sufficient bandwidth available. To illustrate, imagine a call center. Let's say that our hypothetical call center needs to be able to make/receive X amount of concurrent calls during peak season. Using a traditional phone system, the center would have to determine that peak rate and then install the requisite number of T1 lines and channels to accommodate that volume, based on the primary rate interface (PRI). Now, if that call center...