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The 4 Best Business Communication Programs

Communication is central to the success of any business. Whether it’s liaising with your internal team, contributing to a collaborative project or speaking to important domestic and international clients – good, reliable communication makes everything easier.

By what’s the best way to stay in touch? There’s tons of software out there that promise to give your business connectivity – so we’ve looked at the most effective tools for small, medium and large businesses.

Like any relationship, communication helps to avoid issues. Keeping a project moving forward often depends on a healthy conversation between the client and within the team. Here is a list of our top software choices:

Conference Calling

Staying straightforward with their name, Conference Calling has put its energy into creating a solid, unbeatable conference call service. Available in both pay as you go and monthly subscriptions, this conference calling service comes with features such as personalized greetings, free recording, web controls, screen sharing, operator assisted calling, outbound calling and much more.


Slack is a free internal chat system that’s both free and easy to use. It allows you to send documents and conduct both group chats and private chats, without endlessly complex email chains. Slack is affordable and has saved time by giving us direct contact with everyone in our team. You can even get a smartphone app for those occasions you’re working on the road.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a handy, free way of working collaboratively on documents. Word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more can be edited and shared using just a Google email.

It lacks many of the important features present on more advance software (like Office 365 for example), buy Google Drive is really easy to use and can be an agile way of working collaboratively and sharing information.


If you don’t need dedicated conferencing room hardware Skype is great low-cost option that supports simple person-to-person and group video calls. Skype is useable on the majority of smartphones and devices (as well as desktop), and it’s possible to use Skype to contact outside lines, such as landlines and mobiles. A convenient way of chatting across continents.

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