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Should Businesses Still Invest in Office Phones?

As VoIP stormed onto the small business scene nearly a decade ago, many businesses wanted to capitalize on the emerging trend. The only problem with doing so is that early VoIP technology did not include advanced call forwarding and “Follow-me” features. Newcomers made expensive outlays for new handsets that seem far less necessary today.

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So, is VoIP right for my office?

Consider the following points before deciding whether or not to purchase office Phones:

How often would employees answer work numbers from their mobile devices if you purchase office handsets?

Although call forwarding and follow-me features are convenient, it doesn’t mean you should use them exclusively. If employees would use desktop phones for more than half of their calls, you probably don’t want to skimp on handsets.

Do your employees ever take calls from their personal numbers?

If employees are already handing out personal numbers to customers and clients, the transition to taking work calls on their mobile device is far more likely to go smoothly. If not, you need to clarify what’s expected of employees during off hours before making the decision to go 100% mobile.

How much texting, emailing, and messaging do employees do from their personal mobile devices?

How much business is taking place on mobile devices will play a big factor in transitioning to a mobile environment. If your team is taking calls at their desk, but sending the majority of their text-based correspondence from mobile devices, getting rid of desktop phones may actually be a more effective approach.

Should employees focus on desktop integrations during calls?

Don’t forget about the profitable ways you can integrate a desktop phone with customer relationship management software, productivity tools, and call tracking. Most of these won’t be nearly as effective when 100% of calls are taken from a mobile device.

Does your company have a mobile device management system in place?

Unless your organization already has a full-fledged BYOD plan, it is not prepared for the security risks associated with connecting your business data to your employee’s personal device. In an all-mobile environment, every single employee device would need to be set up with a personal profile and a work profile to keep the two data streams separate and secure.

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