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Improve Your Business Productivity with VoIP

2017 has exploded with new technology. With so many new types of tech clamoring for attention, it can be challenging for IT service providers to decide where to put their attention. Yet, upgrading one of the most customer-oriented technologies available doesn’t seem to be a high priority. Why is that?

Your phone system is one of the most important technologies that your business has, specifically, your VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system. Although this technology has been around for many years, it’s surprising how many organizations have not fully transitioned from their traditional analog phone system to VoIP technology. Beyond the price paid for lost business opportunities as the pace of competition increases, consider also the growing costs of maintenance as legacy systems age and grow ever more obsolete.

Phone systems have significantly advanced with digital technology. VoIP puts your phone system on the same digital network as the rest of your business, increasing the efficiency of your data network and eliminating the need to manage two separate networks.

For instance, Utah State saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by deploying a VoIP solution. The college also saved $120,000/year on labor expense by eliminating most trouble tickets through the automation features inherent in VoIP services. They even regained 80 hours a week in productivity for the IT team who were previously spending time on problems and managing office moves. Today, faculty and staff can move offices and just plug their phones into the wall into their new office. The system takes care of all the administration.

All this is possible because VoIP puts the intelligence into the network, rather than a handset that requires a manual configuration and has limited feature functionality.

Other benefits of VoIP are unified communications, an approach that erases the boundaries between the desk phone and the mobile phone; the customer interface tool and the customer data to self-manage day to day operations of an organization’s voice services at any time.

VoIP is a foundation technology to unified communication. Employees are never out of contact with customers when they’re away from the desk. They also have complete access to business information through any device they are using, as voice and data traffic is on the same network.

VoIP can unleash the power of communication for your organization. Helping your employees to focus on customer needs in the moment, rather than having to promise to get back to them before launching a lengthy investigation into their issue.

We’re at a communications crossroads. Don’t get left behind.

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