Questions to ask before you hire a VOIP service provider

How VoIP Can Revolutionize Call Center Productivity

VoIP isn’t just for cheaper calls anymore. VoIP comes with a host of features that help your agents increase their quality and efficiency – two aspects that greatly affect your bottom line.

VoIP is great for businesses that have multiple locations or several buildings, as it can be scaled to the level of functionality needed. Not only does VoIP increase worker efficiency, it is an invaluable tool for call center management. With the ability to record call center agents, management will be better equipped to measure compliance, resolve conflict and evaluate training effectiveness.

Call Recording

Call recording is an integral aspect of effective quality control. There are three different kinds of VoIP recording: trunk side, station side and random sampling. Each type of recording benefits different uses; if a call center manager has several hundreds of agents, then selecting the trunk side recording option works best, as individual recording stations do not need to be installed. Station side, however, requires an individual recorder to interface with existing phones.

Call Transfer

Another great feature of VoIP is call transfer. Occasionally, every call center agent experiences a difficult call and needs to pass it off to their supervisor. The agent can then “plug-in” to the existing call and hear an experienced agent solve the problem and handle the inquiry.

Sound Clarity

In a call center environment, ambient noise can diffuse sound and make it more difficult to hear the customer. Sound clarity within VoIP is leaps beyond the legacy analog phones. This is a clear advantage for new agents that are trying to acclimate to being on the floor.

Video Chat

On our Polycom VVX 1500 Video Phone, video capabilities enhance communication between customer service representatives and clientele. This has solved the “I want to talk to a real person” dilemma that has clogged company complaint lines since the automation of customer service.

Call centers support vital business services such as customer service, collections, shipping and receiving, sometimes in multiple languages. With all these demands, it is easy to see why VoIP is the preferred choice for a business’s communication needs.

Why choose Telx Telecom?

Telx Telecom’s dedicated Cloud PBX is the fastest and most efficient platform for VoIP today. Some advantages are:

  • No expensive maintenance or service fees – We host all the equipment and systems off-site so you can focus on your customers.
  • Quick and easy setup – Setup your IP phones quickly and use them anywhere you have a broadband internet connection.
  • Best VoIP features – Enjoy premium features, such as: Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Restrictions, Conferencing, Voice Mail and so much more.
  • Month to Month Plans – With great pricing and flexible commitment options, we are certain that the value of our Cloud PBX service will prove itself.

Telx Telecom also provides full installation and training, 24/7 Telx Telecom support, unlimited extensions, eFax Solution, details call center reporting, unlimited auto-attendants, unlimited voicemail to e-mail, call center modules with agent whispering, and free demos.