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Statistics That Prove the Importance Of VoIP In Business

Statistics That Prove the Importance Of VoIP In Business

Communication is a vital part of businesses, from newly established ones to multinational companies and small businesses. There are many ways of communicating in businesses, however Voice over Internet Protocol also abbreviated as VoIP is the most frequently used phone systems Miami owning to its inexpensive nature on a monthly basis, easy installation and low maintenance.

Moreover, VoIP companies have come up with advanced features such as voicemails, conference calls, forward calls, and long distance calls that boost the potential of small businesses to develop and be recognized locally and globally. Some phone companies in Miami even offer unlimited long distance calls and low international calling rates to businesses that have a number of branches in the country or the world and to those who work with foreign custsomers.

Reduction In The Cost Of International Calling

Businesses usually save an average of 60 to 80percnt as they start using VoIP, but small businesses tend to save more money. Even big companies have the ability to save $44.5 million and rely on telecommuting for cutting the carbon pollution. A case study found that when businesses with more than 35 phones switched to VoIP, they were saving about $1,400 monthly.

Global Revenue Doubled In Five Years

The corporate consumer market had 170 billion registered users in 2018 globally seeing a rise from 98.9 billion in 2015. The same research also showed that revenue which was $70 billion in 2015 rose to $135 after corporate and home subscribers started using VoIP companies. VoIP helped businesses worldwide in the economic slump, and since then the number of users has been steeply increasing.

VoIP Fills Silent Spaces With Data

Fifty percent of the voice conversations are silent for saving the bandwidth in the data communications, VoIP fills it with data. It has the capability of reducing redundancy and compressing the calls. The feature of virtual fax of VoIP is a new addition helping to save piles of paper.

VoIP’s Contribution To The Economy

The world saw the most significant increase in usage from 2010 to 2014 and the growth rate remains constant even now. In 2018, 20 percent of US was involved in any part-time telecommunicating job. The global enterprise mobility will reach $500 billion by 2020 and its not only reducing the costs, but the time of mobile workers is also reduced because of VoIP.