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Difference Between VOIP and a Regular Phone

Difference Between VOIP and a Regular Phone

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is an innovative technology that permits you to interact voice signals over the internet. Additionally, it transmits audio signals, transforms them into digital packets of data and passes them to your receiver via the internet. But traditional telephone wires are no longer mandatory when you require making a call. Not only this, the innovation in the communication business modernizes the practice of the computer and the internet. Exclusive international calls charges are decreased into lower rates when VoIP is operative. Also, it is common information that VoIP – to – VoIP calls are free of charge, irrespective that both data sender and receiver achieve the necessities for telecom VoIP communications.


Local telephone facilities are offered by small telephone organizations in some places, as opposed to the facilities being offered by large international and national institutes. But, local telephone wires are attached to their main offices and these wires and satellites pass radio signals and permit consumers to make calls nearby. With the growth of VoIP, telephone organizations situated in different corners of the world are now trying to revolutionize their way of cooperating. And plus because of the lower call rates, many people are cheered to practice top VoIP services than the traditional communication services. Not only this, these stresses telephone companies, local or international, to offer their consumers with VoIP facilities.

Mode of Communication

While comparing VoIP vs. analog phone systems it’s vital to note that the sound can transmit in different methods. Regular phone systems interact with the aid of analog signals. Such signals travel via a twisted pair of cables with uninterruptedly changing frequency and altitude which is decoded at the receiving terminal. Whereas on the other hand, you can make telephone calls over the internet with the facility. The data here passes in digital form via wired or wireless nets.

Know Your Prerequisite

The regular phone system is appropriate for you if your necessities are restricted to having an interaction on one to one foundation. But in routine or in a small business, a regular phone system plays a very significant role as it is a very cost operative medium when it comes to interconnecting over the telephone. And if you are governing a large business establishment which necessitates frequent contact with customers all over the world, VoIP Miami can be your cash saver. But it permits you to set up a conference call with individuals inside along with outside your company.