Why Switching To VoIP Would Be The Right Decision

What is Voice over Internet Protocol?

How Voice Over IP (VoIP) Works

VoIP is the advancement technology in voice communications, and has a variety of different features and applications that make it useful. But if you realize how it works, you can more easily use the technology to your company’s benefit. The beginning of VoIP process involves connecting to a VoIP service. Where, audio signals are sent using standard TCP/IP protocols over an Ethernet network. This exchange of signaling and voice information is a two-way process i.e. signal can be sent and received at the same time with each endpoint over the IP network.

However, VoIP works on different premises. To understand how VoIP works on different platform, you’ll need to understand the basic concept behind normal analog audio communication.

In Circuit switching with the help of VoIP, analog voice calls are converted into digital signals but after traveling thousands of miles it again converted to analog signal at final destination. The voice data is digitally encoded using µ-law or A-law Pulse Code Modulation (PCM). In circuit-switching, the path is decided upon before the data transmission starts i.e. the route is dedicated and released only when the session terminates.

Packet switching streamlines VoIP:

In packet-switching, unlike Circuit switching, the packets are sent towards the final destination irrespective of each other. There is no dedicated path for packet transmission, each packet data has to find its own route to reach the destination. This type of transmission is more efficient because it always takes the cheapest and least congested route to travel.

The biggest advantage of this stream lined VoIP is that one high-speed network can take the packets for many voice channels and may share the data at the same time. So Instead of maintaining large number of circuit switched connections it is easy to manage a single high-speed network.

Types of VoIP calling available:

The most commonly VoIP system is used for PC-to-PC communication over the Internet. For this, sound card installation is requisite in both computers along with microphones and broadband internet connections. Aside from that, software package is also required to make phone calls with the help of VoIP. The phone calls are unlimited and free when you talk to people using the same VoIP service on their PC.

You can also use Analog telephone adaptors (ATA) that allow connecting a standard telephone to computer Internet connection in order to take advantage of VoIP options.

You can also invest in internet protocol phones if you want something that looks just like your standard analog telephones but with VoIP connection.

After the advancement in VoIP system, the newest option in the market is the Wi-Fi phone, which uses short-distance Internet transmission of VoIP signals to replace phones calls.