Why Switching To VoIP Would Be The Right Decision

What is Voice over Internet Protocol?

Benefits of VOIP

VoIP saves money as it eliminates the need to invest in number of equipment and hardware, meaning No set up fees, no maintenance fees, and no by-the-minute charges are required. Just pay a fixed or low-cost monthly fee!

VoIP benefits its users by introducing a telephony system that runs over the internet and don’t bring an extra charge with it, other than the cost of Internet access.

It uses only one connection for data and voice. It can also be used for the purpose of Video conferencing when the clients are present oversees and it can be quite an expensive procedure if the calls are made through the wired telephone system.

This technology can be used to make phone calls between using IP phones between two computers.

The IP phones come with all the essential hardware and software pre-loaded, facilitating the user to instantly connect to the router and introducing the user to a cost effective world of VOIP.

PC to PC calls are the easiest and the most inexpensive when made by utilizing the VOIP technology. For such type of communication the user only needs a microphone, a suitable sound card and a reliable internet connection.

The customers can take their IP phones with them on national and international trip and yet can manage to access what is essentially termed as a domestic phone line.

Bridge gaps between countries, locations and people. It’s so simple, reliable and flexible, that you don’t have to wait for a certain time of day to make calls, you can use your VoIP connection from anywhere around the globe.

It can accommodate up to 100,000 users without extra time and money consumption.