What is the Voice communication solution for Global Business

What is a Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX Features

Hosted PBX rockets your businesses into the 21st century, with its businesses boosting features which are enlisted below:

Click to call

The hosted PBX system can integrate directly with the user’s outlook exchange giving the user the facility to call directly the concerned person with just a click of a button through a PC. The advantage of such a feature is that it saves significant amount of time.

Unlimited domestic calling

Are long distance calls even a thing anymore? You’ll never know, because Hosted PBX systems include free and unlimited local and domestic long distance services.


Hosted PBX system provides the company with a virtual receptionist that can handle an unlimited number of extensions, provide a sophisticated call routing and also enhance the voice mail.

Messaging features

The messaging features provided by the hosted PBX covers message retrieval, composing a new message, pre-recorded greeting message, and forwarding and can even secure the messages by specifying a password.

Mobile Forwarding

Your phone line can follow you wherever you go. Not at your desk? The call will route to your mobile, ensuring you never miss an important phone call.

Voicemail to Email

Sometime you just can’t take that call, and that’s OK. With voicemail to email, you can still get the message, and respond quickly (and politely) without missing a beat.