What is the Voice communication solution for Global Business

What is a Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX Benefits

Businesses of all sizes have tremendously benefited from Telx Telecom hosted PBX services offering revolutionizing phone solutions with modernized communications backdrop. It enables businesses to offer their vendors and customers a much streamlined interaction process which not only enhances their productivity but also provides them with an augmented operational efficiency. However, operational efficiency and enhancements are just one aspect of the benefits that businesses derive from hosted PBX services. Hosted PBX services eliminates the need for up-front resources by tremendously decreasing the operational cost required for internal support.

Instant ROI

Hosted PBX services eliminates the need for up-front resources by tremendously decreasing the operational cost required for internal support. A cloud based PBX system does not require complicated or bulky hardware, hence no maintenance contract or delivery and installation fees.

Global Reach

Business is being conducted on a 24-hour basis and transactions can be made in an instant. This makes it increasingly necessary for companies to look up an IP phone services provider to give them the ability to be contactable, on a dedicated number, anywhere in the world at any time. Basically, the more accessible a business is the more competitive it can be.

Scalable Phone System Solutions

Voice and data service is managed across the same data connection. There is no limit on the number of phone lines that can be added. Need a hire some seasonal help for your busy season? Easily and securely add extensions without having to run expensive hard lines or maintain the line when the position is no longer needed.

Security and Dependability

The primary benefit that makes hosted PBX one of the most popular alternatives is that it uses cloud technology that keeps the data secure. Telx Telecom Hosted PBX service uses specialized, secure off-site hosting to protect your phone system the same way you protect your email.

We are all familiar with the panic of a dropped call, and the frustration of a down network. The businesses that are operating on hosted PBX can completely rely on it as it provide dedicated line for each of the users so that the information is secure and minimize the downtime.

Cloud Mobility

Let’s face it – mobile has revolutionized the way we do business. So why would you want a phone that can only sit on your desk?

The phone services provided by hosted PBX give its user with uninterrupted and clear sound facility. The system uses the same line for the transfer of both the data and the voice message such that none of the message is distorted during the transferring phase.

Always Current

Sometimes it seams like as soon as you upgrade, there is something newer and better. Telx Telecom focuses on is frequently upgrading and adding new features to PBX for their clients to have the most up-to-date functionality, eliminating the conventional expenses of hardware and software upgrades.

Phone System Disaster Recovery

Because your network lives in the cloud, and not your broom closet, you can access it from anywhere- just grab your phone and go!