What is the Voice communication solution for Global Business

What is a Hosted PBX?

Why Choose Telx Telecom  as Hosted PBX Provider?

Telx Telecom PBX is a state of the art Hosted VoIP PBX solution which eliminates the need for legacy PBX and Key Systems. The hosted PBX solution of the voice over ip phone service is a network managed voice solution that offers exceptional benefits including increased productivity, geographic flexibility, dramatically improved economics, real-time disaster backup/recovery, and reduced technology risk.

A leader among VoIP service providers, Telx Telecom has an affordable solution that is right for any business. Telx Telecom can integrate data and voice into one broadband connection with exceptional quality for all calls and messaging systems. This provides businesses with integrated solutions for all their communication needs and saves money on phone bills, while providing more features than ever thought possible.

Our secure data facility in Miami, aptly called the Miami Data Vault, provides security and redundancy in power and connection, so that we can bring the best service to you, our clients.

Telx Telecom offers a complimentary PBX demo so that a business can try out what it would be like to have a dedicated Internet based phone service.

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Most businesses will find that they can make huge savings on their phone bills by transferring their requirements to a hosted PBX system. Once you try it, it is more than likely that they will never want to be without it again.