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How Are Small Business VOIP Better Than Ever?

Believe it or not, it is the best time to update your old phone legacy to a small business VOIP. A hosted telephone service is better in every way. They are scalable, easier, and cost-effective for seamless communication for your business.

Let’s have a look at the benefits you can get from telephone companies in Miami which provide VOIP (Voice over IP) to small businesses.

Benefits of VOIP for SMBs

VoIP technology is claimed to be one of the most affordable choices for small businesses. Some of the benefits of small business VoIP are,

  • You will get one and only one number which you can use globally. None of your prospects have to search for different numbers. A single number will do the trick.
  • You can send faxes over the internet. I personally like this feature a lot.
  • You can save significantly as the long distance calls are not as expensive as the traditional PBX system. It will certainly delight you financially.
  • There is no requirement of on-site hardware that needs proper and regular maintenance.
    Vendor lock-in will be the thing of past.
  • Highly cost-effective for better functioning of your business for internal communication.

Rich with Features

Telephone companies in Miami are shifting to the hosted phone services. Hosted services are known for their features such as call waiting, conference calls, and caller ID. The list of features don’t just end here, there are many other features worth noting like auto-attendant, call screening, voicemail to email capability and group calling. When you have a VoIP service, you can make changes to your system via a web portal. Your office location can be anywhere yet with hosted services, it feels like you and the Miami telephone company works in one place as the services can be managed remotely.

Extremely Reliable

In simple words, small businesses VoIP are exceptionally reliable. When a business opts for hosted services, they choose a less downtime for their business as system repairs and failures are rare in hosted telephone services. Most of the telephone companies in Miami are offering hosted phone services. They understand that how feature-rich and hassle-free these services are. You don’t require an IT person in your premise to fix the issues; the provider can fix the issue remotely.

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