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Signs you should switch to new VOIP service

Signs you should switch to new VOIP service

Businesses that are already using a VOIP service provider and aren’t fully satisfied, know that they are not getting everything out of their service. Switching providers is the best solution to get most of your VOIP phone companies.

A high-functioning business communication ecosystem is crucial for proper communiqué in the organization while a poorly implemented VoIP system has a damaging impact on everything from the customer service to employee productivity. So it’s important to have quality and reliable VOIP service for smooth flow of message over the phone.

Here are some signs that show you need to change VOIP phone service providers.

Call quality is inconsistent

With technological development, it’s definitely possible to have call quality on par with landline telephones. The perception is that it is impossible with VoIP to give clear calls is no more true. The truth is that companies can have high-quality VoIP experience for communication over public internet connections. You should have a provider that configures your network properly and give you access to adequate bandwidth for consistent calls. The top VoIP providers use traffic shaping for maintaining the call quality. If your current VOIP provider doesn’t have the technical know-how to fix call quality, it’s time to switch VOIP telephone service for improving call quality.

System Constantly Goes Down

If you are regularly experiencing several instances of downtime since you adopted VoIP, it’s really a bad sign and you should switch to high-quality VoIP providers as they rarely experience downtime. The main reason behind downtime is the lack of redundancy in the network. The small and lower quality providers only have one data center which is the cause of low-quality calls. The established companies have numerous, geographically dispersed data centers all over the country facilitating customers even when one slack goes down, the others automatically pick up the slack for a continuous network.

Costs Are Sky High

Many companies are charging you on the basis of the cost of per call and are doing business without offering quality services. It’s pivotal to take the time to examine why they are charging so much money and if you’re paying a lot, you should get the quality services. Few companies offer the option to switch to superior VoIP and save a big on international calling, and bring your own device (BYOD) policy helps in integrating with your VoIP system lowering mobile bills.